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• 1/31/2013


Greetings, fellow lurkers. As you may (or may not) have noticed, the Fellowship Fantasy has closed, and Wikia is now hosting a trio of alliances: SciFi Galaxy, Fantasy Fellowship, and Heros United.
This trio appears to be more long lasting, and comes with the same benefits that came with the Hobbit fellowship. As a book wiki, we may fit into any of them, if not all. So campfire time! Chime in however much or little you want.
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• 12/6/2012

The Game of Moo

That is all.
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• 12/4/2012

Persona 4 Golden

Heyla folks, as of 11/20/2012 I decided to relive one of the best games i've ever played. Well actually I decided that in october, but it was released on 11/20. It's not a simple port (the original game was for the Playstation 2, this one is for the Vita) It has been expanded quite a bit, new content and fixes to some of the systems. They added a lot of things, changed a good deal of the old system for inheriting skills from one creature to the next. New animation scenes, gameplay, mechanics, and the graphics oh man the graphics are fantastic. Sure you can chaulk it up to the hardware is superior and therefor it should look better. But that's not the case, they took the time to enhance them, not just shift them up. If you have ever played any of the persona games you'll find that this game is a blending of the best from all of them. If you have the hardware, the money to spend, and the time to play i highly recommend it. If some of you are starting to wonder about why i'm not that active lately... Yea, blame the golden perfection i've recently picked up. I generally check once a day, i usually remember to eat at least twice a day... sometimes.... Ok I admit it, I fogot to eat for the first 4 days I had the game. Then again I also didn't really sleep for them either... I kept dreaming I was playing the game, only to realize I wasn't asleep...
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• 12/4/2012

Guess what?

Two pieces of news: one, Ta-Da!!!!!!! New Forums! Very shiny, aren't they? Two, achievements have been turned on. Ideas wanted, encouraged, and would be helpful...
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