Mercedes Lackey

Mercedes Lackey

Born June 24, 1950 in Chicago, Illinois USA

Mercedes Lackey is an american author of fantasy novels. Many of her trilogies and novels are interwoven around one land: Valdemar in a world called Velgarth. Her novels feature not only humans as main characters but horses (more like spirits housed in the body of a horse. Known as Companions), lizard folk (known as Hertasi), deerlike beings (known as Dyheli), Gryphons, and quite a variety of birds.

The world of Velgarth is not the only world she writes of, for she has also done novels based on the world we live in. Some of the more notable ones are "Gwenhwyfar: The white spirit", "The Wizard of London", and "Firebird". There are other worlds she writes of; some of them hold dragons in either freedom and partnership, or as beasts of war.

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