Author Marie Lu
Publication date 4/16/2013
Published by Penguin Young Readers Group
ISBN 9780142422076
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Day is wanted by the Republic of America for several crimes. They don't know what he looks like or where he comes from, they only know that he's constantly stirring up trouble for their country. He always finds ways to escape from their clutches unnoticed and unharmed. Little do they know, Day has a secret behind his crime sprees. The Republic wants Day found and captured. But one night, Day's crime sprees get personal. Meet June Iparis, the prodigy of the Republic of America. Having scored the best possible score on the Republic's national exam, she is place in an high ranking college named Drake University where she skipped four years of high school to get into, and then while at Drake, skipped her sophomore year and is training as an agent and has ambitions to become a soldier for the Republic army to fight against the Colonies of America, the Republic's number one known enemy in a vicious war. She and the Republic suspect Day of murdering her brother Captain Metias Iparis one night at a local Los Angeles lab one night that Day broke into to steal something crucial. June decides that her first mission as an agent is to find Day and put him behind bars for the murder of her brother. How far will she go into discovering the hidden secrets of her brother's murder? And did Day really commit this crime? Will June be able to get revenge on Day for murdering her brother? Yet while dead set on revenge, will June realize that Day isn't all that bad? And will the two somehow fall in love in the midst of everything that happens? But the real question is: How far will the Republic go to keep their secrets hidden? 

Set in the futuristic city of Los Angeles, California, our two main protagonists June and Day will go on an unforgettable journey that readers will love. Read the book to learn more!

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