This essay article describes one of the key policies on the Bookwyrm Wiki: assuming good faith. This essay is posted here both as a review for current staff, and as an introduction for anyone wishing to apply for a position. Current Staff:

Ryll Shados -- Senior Bookwyrm, Ancient

BloodAdept -- Bookwyrm

Phynix05 -- Bookwyrm, Librarian, and Watcher

Argyos Maestre -- Librarian

BlueBruin77 -- Librarian

Clawgerber -- Librarian

Pickle786™ -- Librarian

A staffer by any other name

Senior Bookwyrm -- Founder

Ancient -- Bureaucrat

Bookwyrm -- Administrator

Librarian -- Chat Moderator

Watcher -- Rollbacker

Staff Pages of Interest

Staff Handbook

Staff Applications

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