The Blood of Olympus
Author Rick Riordan
Illustrator John Rocco
Publication date October 7th, 2014
Published by Disney-Hyperion
Publication Order
Preceded by
The House of Hades
Followed by

This is the fifth and final installment of the Heroes of Olympus series and will be updated as soon as the book comes out, so stay tuned!! 

The Doors of Death are finally closed and the seven demigods are on their way to Greece where on August 1st, they'll have to face their greatest challenge yet. Facing Gaea and her horde of evil monsters and Titans.

Reyna and Nico are on their way to hold off the war between Camp Half-Blood and Camp Jupiter with the Greek statue of the Athena Parthenos. Will they arrive in time to stop the war or will both camps undergo a battle that could change the fate of the upcoming war? 

Will the prophecy finally be answered? And will Percy and Annabeth finally have the chance to have a happy ending, or will their story end in tragedy?

Find out in this last installment of the Heroes of Olympus!

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