The Elvenbane
The Elvenbane Cover
Author Andre Norton and Mercedes Lackey
Illustrator Boris Vallego
Publication date April 15, 1993
Published by Tor Books
ISBN 0812511751
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By Andre Norton and Mercedes Lackey

Book 1 of the Halfblood Chronicles

Powerful, ruthless, careless: these are the Elven Lords that rule the world. Almost all that humanity ever was has been lost as these Elves wage wars, build citadels, and engage in the deadly dance of politics. The Lords have nothing to fear: their magic is strong, the humans are subdued, and as killing another Elf is unthinkable in their society, they will live forever. Yet . . . there is one thing they do fear.

Forced deep into the desert by a forbidden pregnancy, Serina Daeth, formerly the favorite concubine of Lord Dyran, is on the verge of death. She has spent all her life wanting for nothing, and the punishing trip through the desert has sapped all of her strength; lost in a haze of memory, she slips into a dream of home and a midwife to help her. In fact, there was a midwife to help her: Alara, shaman of the People, who was on a pilgramige for her own coming child. Alara cannot save Serina, but she saves the child, and takes her home to the People to be raised along with her own children; raised among Dragons. The child is named Shana. Some of the People see her as a nuisance of a pet, some of them believe she will make a marvelous tool against the Elven Lords; because Shana is in fact the one thing the Elven highborn have cause to fear. She is a Halfblood, a powerful wizard who can use both the mind magic of humankind and the Elven magic. As she grows, even the dragons begin to wonder . . . is Shana the one to fulfill the Prophecy of the Elvenbane?