The Fault In Our Stars
Author John Green
Illustrator Rodrigo Corral
Publication date January 10, 2012
Published by Dutton Books
ISBN 0-525-47881-7
Publication Order
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The Fault In Our Stars

For Hazel Grace Lancaster, life hasn't always been easy. For her, there's no real definition for "normal". She has cancer. Stage 4 Thyroid cancer with just a touch of mestasis forming in her lungs. Luckily for our dear friend Hazel, she has survived for the time being due to an experimental drug known as Phalanxifor. But that is not all there is to know about this lovely story, not on your life, no. Our friend Hazel's story is a unique one to say the least. At first meeting, Hazel is urged by her mother to attend a Cancer Survivorship Group, where she and a ragtag group of kids with terminal cancer attend each and every week and discuss their "feelings". There in that fated survivorship group, she meets an unfamiliar new face. Augustus Waters, the boy who would change Hazel's life (and ours) for the better. This book will make you laugh, smile, cry, angry, frustrated. Well, you get the point, this book will send you on an unforgettable and emotional rollercoaster ride. What will happen to our dear friends Hazel and Augustus? Well, you'll just have to read the book to find out!

~The Fault In Our Stars was made into a movie. In theaters June 6th, 2014! 

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