The Lost Hero
The Lost Hero Cover
Author Rick Riordan
Illustrator John Rocco
Publication date October 12, 2010
Published by Disney-Hyperion
ISBN 978-1-4231-1339-3
Publication Order
Followed by
The Son of Neptune

Three new demigods arrive to Camp Half-Blood! These demigods are Jason, Leo, and Piper.

Jason wakes up in a bus not remembering who he is or where he comes from. He also doesn't remember who the girl he's sitting next to and holding hands with.

Piper has a dangerous secret. She only knows that a mysterious voice keeps visiting her in her dreams whispering promises of freeing her missing father. She finds out that her boyfriend Jason doesn't know who she is.

Leo has a great way with tools. He grew up with his mom in a machine shop, but doesn't like discussing his past. His mom always told him he'd meet his father someday, but will he?

He had a crazy aunt; Tia Callida. She took care of him when he was little and still haunts Leo.

The three are sent to Camp Half-Blood and are sent on a mysterious quest. What will they discover?

The real questions are:

  • Will Jason figure out who he is and what he's meant to do?
  • Will Piper reveal her secret and rescue her father?
  • Will Leo finally meet his father?
  • And, Will the three demigods finally find the answers to their questions?

Find out in The Lost Hero; from the famous Percy Jackson and the Olympians, comes The Heroes of Olympus series!

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