The Intro to SorrowEdit

The encroaching darkness is oppressing and the light has all but vanished. It is mid-day, yet the shadow of that great evil hangs so heavily over us all that we perceive it to be mid-night. We are the dwellers of the Plains of Altrania, the land of the dead. You are but a visitor in this desolate place but you have the greatest part to play. You are the only source of light among man, you are the key to our survival and our redemption. With the flame of our ancestors, and with the wisdom of all who have come before, it is you who shall call for the blade that will cut through the heart of evil. This is all for your education my friend, for you know not what you are about to become, so know this young one, you are destined to die.

"Jason wake up." No response just more writhing as if experiencing a horrible nightmare. "Jason wake up!" Bolting upright and gasping for air, Jason surveys his surroundings in a frantic manner. He gave a sigh of relief, "a dream, it was only a dream." He was safe in the familiar room he had lived in since he was just a little boy. Looking at him with an expression of worry was his childhood friend Alexis

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