The Voyage of the Dawn Treader
The Voyage of the Dawn Treader cover
Author C. S. Lewis
Publication Order
Preceded by
Prince Caspian
Followed by
The Silver Chair

The long school year since the events of Prince Caspian has finally come to an end. Unfortunately for Edmund and Lucy they are going to be spending the summer with their rather horrid cousin, Eustice; Peter is staying with Professor Diggory for the summer, and Susan is off to America. True to form, Eustice begins tormenting them from the beginning, saying that the magical land of Narnia they persisted in talking about meant they were rather mental. An encounter with the portrait of a Narnian ship sends the delighted siblings and one rather surprised and scared spoiled Eustace tumbling into the sea . . . just in front of King Caspian's new ship, the Dawn Treader. Eustice is determined to make the voyage, a search for some of Caspian's father's lords, as miserable for everyone as it can be. But Narnia has its own lessons for the boy, and for every member of the voyage, as pirates and magicians and dragons one by one meet the Dawn Treader. Sailing on to the Utter East and Aslan's country, who knows what lessons you too, dear reader, might learn?

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