aka Pickle

  • I live in Pickle's Palace Paradise
  • My occupation is Martian
  • I am Radioactive Plasmic Titanium ♂
  • Pickle786™

    Hello, Everyone!

    It's your friendly neighborhood pickle here to establish the wiki's official newspaper! It's going to be a bi-weekly gazette of recent happenings on the wiki. It will include featured articles, and new content also, and will of course be awesome. Before the newspaper can launch, we need a staff of 4 people besides me. The positions are as followed:

    Editor-in-Chief: Pickle786™

    Oversees all phases of the production of a newspaper. All articles and sections run through the Editor-in-Chief for a review. He is responsible for assigning staff with their stories, along with the section editors. He also decides content of the issue and designs overall layout, and section layouts with section editors.

    News Editor: Ryll Shados

    Proofs rea…

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