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    Probably this question has gone through the minds of a few of you. "Why wyrm?" "Why is there a dragon on the front page?" Tis about time I explained, I figure.

    I know a small handful of you are familiar with the author Mercedes Lackey, and her various series. One of those series is called, "Tales of the 500 Kingdoms." The concept is that every single fairy tale or myth exists in this world, and a quite mysterious force called the Tradition forces people or situations to match that myth. It's up to the fairy godmothers to keep the worst of the stories from coming true, because the Tradition does not ensure a happy ending, but it will ruin lives.

    One of the books in this series is a retelling of the Perseus and Andromeda myth; instead of…

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  • Ryll Shados

    Oaths and Honor

    August 12, 2012 by Ryll Shados

    A community is held together by trust.

    Trust is built on honesty and character.

    The honesty must come from you,

    But the character begins here.

    I am a servant of the people.

    • By accepting this position of trust, I accept both the power to help and the responsibility to do no harm.

    I am human.

    • I accept that my judgment is not flawless, and that I am accountable to the community for my actions and decisions.
    • I will listen to those that surround me when they offer advice and correction.
    • I will do my best to make informed decisions.

    I am not alone.

    • I am a member of a dynamic community. Every choice I make will reflect the feelings and wishes of the community to the greatest extent possible.
    • I will keep open communication with the entirety of the rest of st…

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  • Ryll Shados

    The phases

    August 10, 2012 by Ryll Shados

    Here's my thoughts about how this place is likely to progress, and an explanation to everyone on why there aren't that many other staffers yet....

    Phase 1: The current phase. At this point the wiki has very few users. All staff decisions are made by the Founder in hopes of setting up a stable community; forums are open to all users on policy and content. Policy pages and guidelines are not locked.

    As a part of this phase, and a note to anyone who might have come across this before this phase expires: applications for staff will be closed after a certain point is reached, either in number of staff or size of community. At that time, all current staff will go under review to determine whether or not their participation warrants demotion, …

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  • Ryll Shados

    To Do List

    August 6, 2012 by Ryll Shados

    Attention all Librarians! The official to do list is over here. Leave me a note if you either want to add a new item, or have taken care of an item; need to keep this list up to date, after all. Newest tasks listed first.

    1. Reordering of all categories on individual pages: Author, Series, Genre, (any category such as Young Adult comes next), then the In progress and Article Stubs if those exist on the page.
    2. There are three new templates to accompany the Book template. They are Novel (complete removal of publication order data), Series Start (only lists the book following), and Series End (only lists the book preceeding). These four need to be implimented on their appropriate pages.
    3. Any pages that still lack pictures need to have those added. …

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