A community is held together by trust.

Trust is built on honesty and character.

The honesty must come from you,

But the character begins here.

The Oath of the Admin

I am a servant of the people.

  • By accepting this position of trust, I accept both the power to help and the responsibility to do no harm.

I am human.

  • I accept that my judgment is not flawless, and that I am accountable to the community for my actions and decisions.
  • I will listen to those that surround me when they offer advice and correction.
  • I will do my best to make informed decisions.

I am not alone.

  • I am a member of a dynamic community. Every choice I make will reflect the feelings and wishes of the community to the greatest extent possible.
  • I will keep open communication with the entirety of the rest of staff, from bureaucrats to chat mods.

I am professional.

  • If someone asks for help, I will be polite and prompt.
  • I will act swiftly and concisely when required. I will not allow myself to put off an action or duty; if I do not have the time, I will inform another member of staff so that they may complete the task.
  • I will act in good faith towards all users.
  • I will allow neither friendship nor personal enmity to cloud my judgment.
  • If I know that I cannot separate myself from the issue or conflict which I am mediating, I will step aside and ask another member of staff to take over in my stead.
  • I will not use my administrative tools to favor one individual or group with a feature that is denied the rest of the community without administrative aid.
  • I will never use my position to circumvent, bias, or conceal a vote that belongs to the community.

I am a user.

  • I am here to help the wiki grow, to contribute and participate; it is not my job to spellcheck every page and contribution, to answer every comment. I will not hover over every action on the wiki.
  • If an edit stands well on its own, I will leave it. My way is not necessarily THE way.
  • I have a life, like everyone else on the wiki. If that life requires that I step away from the wiki for a long period of time, I will notify the community in the proscribed fashion of my absence, and if possible the expected duration.

The Rollback's Pledge

I may not command the presence of an admin,
But I am here to serve as much as they.
I may not interact as much as a mod,
But I am here for the same community.
These silent halls are mine to wander.
I know each page, every title,
And I know when someone changes them.
My duty is to protect knowledge.
I will preserve. I know this place.
Every change will be watched,
But not every change will I challenge:
Keep the good, discard the foul,
Show the new ones how.

Moderator's Promise

I am here for the people, for love of the community, in the hopes of preserving order. I will not contribute to destruction of order.

Chat moves fast: there are days where jokes fly, there are days when everyone is tense. I will hope for the good days, and be steady through the bad. I will keep my judgment clear and sound. If I am feeling overwhelmed, I will ask for another mod to take over so I can take a break and de-stress.

If someone asks for help, I will either help them courteously, or I will tell them I cannot politely.

I will maintain conversation with the rest of the mod team; I will not accept the choices of ignoring them or fighting with them. I will behave with professional courtesy at all times.

I have been given a large amount of responsibility, but that does not mean I can go around the rules or ignore them. I will enforce the rules universally, offering no excuses for leniency or harsher judgment. Making up rules is also something that I will never accept: the community set up what rules there are now, and I am here to ensure that those rules are observed, not to form chat to my own will.

Upon My Honor

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