Here's my thoughts about how this place is likely to progress, and an explanation to everyone on why there aren't that many other staffers yet....

Phase 1: The current phase. At this point the wiki has very few users. All staff decisions are made by the Founder in hopes of setting up a stable community; forums are open to all users on policy and content. Policy pages and guidelines are not locked.

As a part of this phase, and a note to anyone who might have come across this before this phase expires: applications for staff will be closed after a certain point is reached, either in number of staff or size of community. At that time, all current staff will go under review to determine whether or not their participation warrants demotion, promotion, or continuation of their role.

Phase 2: Enough users have come to the wiki for the basics of a stable community to have formed. Rollback applicaton forum posted; all applications will be reviewed by the current bcrat. Policy and guideline pages are not locked.

Phase 3: The community is established. Admin forums now posted for nomination and discussion by the community. Chat mod council is established: council can elect a chat-admin liason. Concrete chat policies are established. Select policy pages are semi-protected.

Phase 4: The community expands. The wiki and userbase is large enough for bcrat nomination and discussion forums to be posted.

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