Probably this question has gone through the minds of a few of you. "Why wyrm?" "Why is there a dragon on the front page?" Tis about time I explained, I figure.

I know a small handful of you are familiar with the author Mercedes Lackey, and her various series. One of those series is called, "Tales of the 500 Kingdoms." The concept is that every single fairy tale or myth exists in this world, and a quite mysterious force called the Tradition forces people or situations to match that myth. It's up to the fairy godmothers to keep the worst of the stories from coming true, because the Tradition does not ensure a happy ending, but it will ruin lives.

One of the books in this series is a retelling of the Perseus and Andromeda myth; instead of a Kraken being summoned, as per the original, a dragon is forced to take on the role by the Tradition (and the magic of the sorcerer, because of course there has to be one.) The magic compels the dragon to carry off the maiden sacrifices that the city sees fit to offer, but does not compel him to eat them. And it's not in his nature anyways, because he is a Bookwyrm. Like everything else in the world, of course there has to be a creature to match the story, and in this case it is a group of highly intelligent dragons who, instead of hoarding gold and physical treasure, hoard and seek out books and knowledge. That story, of course, gets a happy ending: Princess gets rid of evil mother, and gets to marry the compeled bookwyrm's brother (after godmother Elena turns him human, of course), and the original bookwyrm gets a dragonelle knight too. Everybody's happy, not quite the end.

So. Bookwyrm. A dragon that collects books and knowledge, has magic specifically aimed at preserving books and allowing them to write in normal sized books, and who knows that collection rather well. I'm sure by now you've learned I have a bit of an odd sense of humor, and I honestly couldn't resist. This place is supposed to be, therefore, a lair for book lovers and writers and those seeking after knowledge. In esscence, Bookwyrms at heart.

--The Senior Bookwyrm

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