Steel Wyvern

aka Anastasia Davies

  • I live in Australia
  • I was born on July 17
  • My occupation is Dragon art
  • I am A dragoness
  • Steel Wyvern

    This is Exaestuo, and this is his journal.

    (June 29th, 11:55 PM)

    Dear Diary,

    I felt it was about time to start a journal. The Clan is in a bit of strife at the moment, and I, along with the rest of the elders and leaders, have been holding a meeting. Torrens and Immotus both suggest that we move, as the main problem appears to be that we have run low on supplies. The leader, Primiserius, has sent scouts to find a suitable place to move. We have faith in our best scout, Cadifor. He came from a different clan, hence the unusual name.


    (June 30th, 5:26 AM)

    Dear Diary,

    The council held another meeting, but it was cut short. Yes, all because of me. I had a seizure. Or so Venustus told me. I remember trying to pay attention to something Maralin…

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  • Steel Wyvern


    The assassin: Chassiro (CHAZ-iro, 'I' is nearly silent) Role: Tracks potential threats and strikes when given the chance. Is on the enemy's side and takes instructions from the second-in-command. He actually hates the evil king but does his work out of fear of being caught and facing the only punishment the king issues: death.

    The sidekick: Takhorr (TAK-ore, slight 'h' sound between 'K' and 'o') Role: Issues commands given to him from the king to those lower in ranks.

    The evil king: 

    The main protagonist:

    The secondary protagonist: Ferahn (FE-rahn, 'h' is almost silent')

    Their mentor and guardian: T'suterro (SHU-teh-roe, silent 'T')

    The clan:  Herachus (He-RAH-kus, hard 'K')

    The enemy kingdom name: 

    The continent: 

    The desert kingdom, in the S…

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