The assassin: Chassiro (CHAZ-iro, 'I' is nearly silent) Role: Tracks potential threats and strikes when given the chance. Is on the enemy's side and takes instructions from the second-in-command. He actually hates the evil king but does his work out of fear of being caught and facing the only punishment the king issues: death.

The sidekick: Takhorr (TAK-ore, slight 'h' sound between 'K' and 'o') Role: Issues commands given to him from the king to those lower in ranks.

The evil king: 

The main protagonist:

The secondary protagonist: Ferahn (FE-rahn, 'h' is almost silent')

Their mentor and guardian: T'suterro (SHU-teh-roe, silent 'T')

The clan:  Herachus (He-RAH-kus, hard 'K')

The enemy kingdom name: 

The continent: 

The desert kingdom, in the South: Ramuda (RA-moo-dah)

The king (desceased) : Lycarydus

The queen (desceased):

The  story

(insert nice beginning here) But one day word was spread that a rogue kingdom had appeared in the Northern region, a kingdom so powerful it had taken over the North in just one night. The rogue kingdom was led by a corrupted, powerful dragon, (insert name here) and his second-in-command, Takhorr. This powerful kingdom rapidly spread across the land, claiming the Eastern and Western lands, as well as a much of the South. They captured many dragons, slaughtering those who resisted and brainwashing those who surrendered, creating warriors for their own army. As these forces grew greater in numbers, they claimed more and more dragons and land. Eventually after a year, all that remained was a small portion of the South. The surviving dragons lived here, as the Herachus Clan, defending what little land they owned. Many of them had trained as warriors, just to protect all they had left. Finally, after a year of relentless attacks across the land, the enemy grew quiet and advanced no further. 

   Then, on a night of the new moon, (insert enemy's name here) struck without warning. The Herachus was caught off guard, and although the leaders tried their hardest to coordinate their forces, the sheer numbers and strength of the opposition quickly overwhelmed them. Much of the Herachus were slaughtered and several captured. Only a fraction escaped, many of them warriors-in-training, and took up residence in a desolated region just on the border of the new territory. Most of them lost their families in the sudden attack, and only a select few had the surviving elders care for them. Among these select few were (inset name here) and his brother, Ferahn. Their guardian was T'suterro, a wise, weather-beaten old Imperial.

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